Before I die… multidisciplinary performance

Before I die was a multidisciplinary dance, visual and music performance that took place in the Stadthaus of Ulm city the 21st, 22nd and 23rd July.

This event was conceived by Pablo Sansalvador and myself. We both made the concept and I was in charge of  the dramaturgie, production, coordination, art direction, marketing strategy and stage design. Pablo made the choreography and drived the workshops with refugees.

Dancers, sound designers, visual artists and refugees from different parts of the world took part on this event. For this project to happen we had a long process of research in different refugee settlements.  100% of the money from the tickets were also donated to refugee causes.  

All type of people from all generations came to our performance. Long queues stood in the entrance until we could open the doors.

The show started with the personal journey of the public. Despite their age or condition, they all made it with agility and commitment.

In the Saal they could enjoy the dancer’s performance in both western and eastern sides. The western side was represented as a structured and organized side of the world where everything seem to work but sensitiveness is being softened by too much processes and stressing systems.

In the other side,  feelings of desperation and faith was shown through an organic choreography.

Public followed all the story choreographed by Pablo Sansalvador with attention.

Some were surprised by the refugee’s song in the balcony and others showed enthusiasm when refugees arrived to collect the dancer’s bodies.

The ones that looked the performance from the distance could enjoy Andreas Hauslaib‘s projections while the music from Andreas Usenbenz was enriching the scenes and public’s ears.

When they reached the last floor where the story installation was, people could get closer to the refugees while hearing there stories, one of our main goals.

At the end of the journey the public applauded with enthusiasm dancer”s and refugee’s performance. Some also took part in our after party where public, dancers, refugees and staff had the chance to dance together and know each other. We definitively feel that we fulfilled our goal of closing the gap between refugees and Ulmer people.

More info and reviews in our Moving Rhizomes page.



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