Little Miss Maimun

[project manager_art director_cultural manager_marketing strategist_innovation_service designer]

Little Miss Maimun was a creative studio with fashion and design showroom and innovation/education/creative LAB.


Its innovation LAB was focused in independent fashion and product designers.

From its LAB we came with different projects such as: sustainable design collective (IloveU Collectivedesign) and its market (IloveU Projekt), design fairs for different target groups (esconDITEDITE for children from 0 till 100 or El Secreto de la habitaciĆ³n 330 for adults) pop up stores in abandoned/unused places (w/ La Maison de la Lanterne Rouge), DIY publications and videos, multifaced services, etc.
Our LAB is specially concerned by the role of education as a changemaker. We have had more than 600 students and fashion/craft designers in our LAB, learning new creative tools, techniques and methodologies and how to make a sustainable business from designing.





At the end of 2011 I joined h2i institute and decided to leave the project to the designers exhibiting in it.




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