who am i?


I am Cecilia Espejo. Not easy to describe who am I. Basically, I am what I do.

I’m a designer, concepter, maker, multidisciplinary artist and performance-installation producer.

I’m a restless entrepreneur, Multidisciplinary artist, Producer of multidisciplinary performances and art installations, Dramaturge, Project Management, Photographer, short film producer and Change maker.

My working experience is multidisciplinary and multifaceted as you can see but all driven by the same impulse.

I believe in art as a change maker and try to raise awareness of the need of an Art Social Responsibility and the introduction of designers and artists in the change management.

My artwork and performance concepts have a social – environmental background in order to raise awareness of different concepts. My last project is focused in the plastic worldwide issue. I am currently creating artwork where plastic is the main character and soon starting an installation project where mobile recycling units will go through different cities raising awareness of the need of a global mindset change.


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