who am i?


I am Cecilia Espejo. I live in Ulm now, but always opened to any worldwide country. Not easy to describe who am I. Basically, I am what I do.

I’m a concepter and then a maker…or probably the other way. Well, lets say I concept while doing and do while concepting.

My working experience is multidisciplinary and multifaceted as you can see…

I’m a Service Designer, UX and graphic designer as main roles, but also a restless entrepreneur developing expertises as Producer of multidisciplinary performances, Dramaturge, Project Management, Marketing and Business strategist, Photographer and Change maker.

I believe strongly in the benefits of co-working and co-designing. I consider it the way we can produce new, human-centered design solutions that provide solutions to difficult problems.

As an entrepreneur, I have a great ability to take on big challenges, look for market opportunities and develop alternative business models.

I like innovation and innovating myself.

Even though I am interested in any type of design field, I feel especially attracted to design for social change and start up strategy design, stage design, concept design. I like to try all kind of different creative tools that provide new solutions. Even though, I have a great capability to get involved with any kind of project and business area.

My Specialties and interests:

Strategy design and marketing, Co-designing, visual thinking, contemporary dance, photography, creative tools and innovation methodologies, technology, communication strategy, art, sustainability, dramaturge, …

…and willing to keep on learning and discovering

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