The office project

[Graphic Design, video editing, coordination]

Someone once told me: ‘You`re a natural linker!…you know someone and inmediately your brain starts to connect them to the rest of the people you know. Always looking for the perfect match for generating new projects and new relations…’.

Lets say I like linking dots…

Below you can see the posters and stop motion of The Office; the last project I was involved in. It was born from linking amazing people and professionals.

This year I had the honour to know Pablo Sansalvador, an awesome dancer, choreographer and maker. He made a piece for the Dance Company of Theater Ulm, that inspired me. I got to see it for the second time with Lisa Simpson (Agente Costura). She is an artist that plays her sewing machine while upcycling clothes.

This was the first link that I did concerning this project: Why not making an upcycling version of The Office? The whole metamorphosis between the dancers in the piece could be compared with the upcycling process of clothes. When you get to know someone, it inmediately influences you.

The rest of the flow came after sharing the idea with them; both hot brains.

We decided to make a stop motion.

I started looking for a location, a photographer and production team. Giulia Insinna, the other dancer was excited with the idea too. I take the chance to say thanks to all the people that helped in this production.

The video result of 6 months of editing is here:

Here some images of the backstage:

IMG_1733 IMG_1756 IMG_1765 IMG_1792

The banners and posters of the video, following:




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