Preparing for Nokia

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After my Innovation Master in h2i institute I applied to many companies in Germany. One of the companies that asked me for an interview was Nokia.

In their hiring process I was asked to make a design of a Tshirt vending machine.

I first checked what the user needs could be…



Then I used some innovation methodologies for building a consisten business model and idea…


and I service designed the whole concept. The service design canvas is great for this purpose…blue_print


Finally I decided that the vending machine could be placed in festivals or galleries and would have real people inside its window.  The designs would be limited edition and you would be able to check about its designer via its App.

Life performances will take place inside to highlight each design or show you what the design process of the Tshirt is. I studied some user cases from different personas. I was even thinking on making the proposal to some investors… but I knew I build the personas and cases from assumptions (not the best for having real outputs)


1 day to think about this project. Not much but enough for designing some mock up UI and a couple of flows. With a little bit more time I would have made a proto with flowella.



T_shirt_concept_3 T_shirt_concept_4 T_shirt_concept_5