Kunst Schimmer _ art festival

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After a couple of months in Ulm, Germany, I started knowing people from the art scene. I saw how they struggled to have people coming to their exhibitions. I thought of an art fair with the same format as the design festivals I made in Madrid, with a whole program, workshops and all kind of activities for attracting people.

Six months later the owners from a commercial fair in Ulm offered me a space to exhibit in the entrance. I told them I would prefer to make a small art fair instead. This was the first edition of Kunst Schimmer. It was an experiment that we organized in just a couple of days.

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Kunst Schimmer #2 came with much more content; artists from different part of the world, life music, performances, art animation films, workshops, participatory actions and a collaborative mural. 9 days of excitement, coworking, networking and the best experiences.

We had 10 times the space we had in the first one. This time I had the opportunity to work with Tommi Brem, stage designer, conceptioner, curator and artist, Andreas Dukek-Haferkorn, from Kulturfahrschule, Claudia from XChange in the cIty…and many others.

I also introduced the ‘artists in residency’ concept where arists that came from abroad or other parts of Germany could stay in an artist/collaborator home and could share with them all the experience of the 9 days´s fair and afterfair. They would work with other artists during our event in the streetart/art Jam and would participate of the workshops that would take place in the fair.

10 artists from this artist residency were accepted. Some joined in a collective called ON THE VERGE CREW.