I developed my skills as event planner & project manager  in the following companies and organizations:

Moving Rhizomes Eventplanner, Producer and project manager, making performances like What makes us human,  Before I die... , The Office, Crossing Paths or Tendenz

Nokia organization & production events after the announcement of closure: KYVYT / WOW and innovation workshops in: SYOB

Kunst Schimmer _art exhibition Eventplanner, Producer and project manager

El Secreto de la habitación 330 _ fashion design festival Eventplanner, Producer and project manager

IloveUproject _ sustainable product / fashion design festival  Eventplanner, Producer and project manager

EsconDITE DITE _ fashion design festival for kids from 0 to 100 Eventplanner, Producer and project manager

Little Miss Maimun CEO [event planner in exhibitions and special events]

La Maison du Lanterne Rouge Workshop manager and producer, Pop Up Store producer and team manager

Andrea Roo _ music events Production Manager

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