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Wow stands for Ways of working. It refers to the workshops a colleague and I designed to convince a huge ‘secret’ company of hiring a Nokia Team. This was a workshop we made after Nokia´s announcement of closure.

In this 3 day workshop our aim was not only on showing innovative ideas for this company but also our expertises as a Team and a different and agile way of coworking.

In this experience different profiles were involved; developers, business men, marketing managers, product owners and designers. We worked with all type of innovation methodologies to achieve our goal: build 3 innovation ideas in 3 days.

The methodologies we used during the different phases of the design of our ideas were: Basadur (Simplexity Thinking System). Lego Serious Play, Business Model Generation, Service design and concept strategy, Road Map and Design for Sustainability, Empathy Map, Rapid Prototyping and Visual thinking.

I designed the program, facilitated during the workshops and took all the output from the workshop to make a proper presentation to the company.

I was also in charge of the wordpress website where we showed our experience from day 1 to the delivery. Our aim was also selling our expertises and how we made a whole design process.

I am afraid there is no website anymore since it was all part of Kyvyt program. This finished when all Nokian´s were hired. I can show some images and a video of our offer, though.











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