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Kyvyt is the initiative started by me and some other colleagues after Nokia Ulm´s announcement of closure leaving 500 people without work. We had the idea of joining forces for finding a job instead of trying to do it on our own.

Our first idea was a job offer wesite where we could offer the whole site, teams and individual people. The idea was to provide different team profiles and personal CVs  of each professional. Latest job offers would be also posted and it would be a whole platform where you can also find information about upcoming activities and latest updates.


To start with the project we made a call where we asked for all the profiles required. It was amazing seeing the amount of people that applied to help. Finally Kyvyt turned up to be the brand that would represent Ulm workers after the closure.

To advertise us we mad teeshirts with a QR code that will link to our website, we made a flashmob in the main square of Ulm city, we opened different communication channels and we planed a whole marketing strategy.



Since we were people from all countries and didn´t want to get discriminated by the place where we were borned or the color of our skin, we thought on showing avatars instead of our photos. For this purpose we made a whole event for Nokian´s to make their own avatar.



We involved all the workers in the online marketing by asking them to post their avatar and job position in their facebook pages and profiles. All our activities and marketing started to raise followers and companies started to block our email accounts.

Deutsche Telecom even made a remake of our marketing image and strategy and started posting their offers as we did.


I’m afraid the website is not online anymore but we still have our facebook page, Xing and LinkedIn profile. Let´s say we don´t need it anymore; Audi, Continental and BMW hired most of the ex Nokians and the rest are spread all around the world.

Mission accomplished

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